headcanon that this story is an entire dream shared by two people, Em and Harry, like you wrote about in The Storm. but Harry is really just in his coma from Limitless and Lou is by his bed waiting for him to wake up while he dreams about his life with Em. Em is also in a coma in a hospital for some reason and she's sharing this dream with Harry, despite never having met him in real life.




visualllllls woooo

that last chapter though (⊙‿⊙✿)

this is how i see harry (omfg gorgeous)



hello handsome


and this is em’s outfit 




but a little darker gray for the dress and not so silver if you get meeeee

Two Truths & A Lie - Chapter 11

Well, if anyone knew how to make me feel like shit about myself, it was Harry Styles. For the rest of the day, and the day after that, and even the day after that, I was tormented by the fact that I really had treated him like he was a complete asshole. To be fair, for a while, he was. It took him forever to warm up to me, but as soon as he did, I became the asshole. But I was only being cautious because he was an asshole before. Gosh, everyone was an asshole.

It didn’t matter how I went about explaining it to myself - I officially felt horrible. He was attempting (in a very odd way) to make friends. The least I could do was find him a decent date for Homecoming, and with just two days left before the dance, I needed to move fast. Oh, don’t hate me. It was part of my personality - helping people all the freakin’ time. Instead of trying to suck girls into a “Harry Styles” themed conversation and determine how worthy they were to be Styles’ date, I resorted to just flat-out asking who had a date and who didn’t. When a girl told me she had yet to be asked to the dance, my next question was, “Have you ever started a rumor about dating Harry Styles?”

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where are youuu??!!! Are you okay? is everything fine? You haven't posted for 3 days and I think I'm getting crazy, but I just want to make sure you're okay...Love you and hope everything is fine with you! <3 Love Always -S.

I’m okay! Just having a bit of a stressful week is all! Stressful life, really :P Thank you for checking in! I love you!!! 

you guys are killing me 😉😘

you guys are killing me 😉😘

Two Truths & A Lie - Chapter 10

"Can you pass me that paintbrush?"  I asked no one in particular, pointing to the middle of the table. One of the classes I had to take this semester was Art.  Painting and shading and blending and whatever else - it was not one of the things I happened to be good at.  However, the art room was where we were able to talk freely while working on whatever we were painting and shading and blending and whatever else, and since the table I sat at was mainly girls, I took my opportunity to do some research.  It was Monday right before lunch and "Harry Styles" sounded like a good conversation starter and something to keep my mind off of my growling stomach.  Plus, at this point, I only had five and three-quarter days to find Harry a date for Homecoming.

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thank you in advance!! i love you! 

i think this one is preferable 

but if you wanted to use any of these they work too i think! 

I’m totally open to whatever you want to use too!! 

I’ve seen the other edits people have been sending and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! even if yours doesn’t get chosen for the main cover, i’m going to upload the rest with the individual chapters so your work can still be seen! <333 

helpppp please? :)

on wattpad, I’m looking to make a cover for TT&AL! it’s killing me that I don’t have one yet so I threw this one together (don’t judge me obviously edits are not where my talent is) 

but if you are fab in the edits department it would mean so so so very much to me to have an awesome cover for this story! even if you aren’t fabulous at it and want to give it a try, feel free (PLEASE)!! :))) submit them here!!! 

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Two Truths & A Lie - A Harry Styles Fanfic


Visuals / Visuals / Visuals (for after ch. 7)

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Chapter 9

okay but why do i keep finding more and more boxing pictures when i&#8217;ve just finished F&amp;K 

okay but why do i keep finding more and more boxing pictures when i’ve just finished F&K 

That chapter was AMAZING good god i know they'll go together 😭😭

I dunnoooooo they might! :P thank you! 

What should I wear to a 1975 concert mate

tbh i’ve only ever heard two 1975 songs but i would say something black lol

i googled you some ideas and this seemed to be it in one picture image

but then again they did spell “concert” as “cocnert” so i dont know if they can be trusted

i found this too


and this


so maybe just converse, black shorts, and a gray or black top.  if you’re feeling it, maybe a leather jacket and some comfy black heel/boots.

lol i hope this helps!! have funsies :3 

Two Truths & A Lie - Chapter 9

Now that I was thinking about it, Homecoming was popping up everywhere. Colorful signs thrown up by the Student Government were hanging all over the halls, advertising “A Night Under the Stars,” the most cliche Homecoming theme ever. It seemed like I couldn’t escape seeing at least one happy girl or boy get a date in the most irritatingly cute way possible. Flowers and chocolates and cards and jewelry - for goodness sake, it was like Valentine’s Day for suckers in late September. Was I jealous? Of course.

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okay just incase you didn’t really catch on from the last chapter, harry is officially out of baggy baggy baggy lightwash jeans and his blue hoodie.  he officially looks like little beanie harry with tattoos all over and little glasses on his face. 

beanie harry physically hurts me. i mean honestly just asdfghjkl;’oweiurtt!!!!!!

Is it possible to fall in love your writing? Or any writing in that case? Seriously, you're incredibly talented babe! ♡♡♡ PS. loveee TT&AL

thank you so so so so so much!! :)))

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