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IM LOVING THIS STORY!!!! I can visualize all your stories really well, but this one is different. Like it is a lot more easily- visualized. (Did that make sense- I'm a little sleep deprived and it's takin a lot to form sentences)

thank you!!! and yes it made sense!! :P thank you times a million!! 

I was actually wondering if this was a harry fantiction (2truths and a lie) or Louis? Because if it's harry i adore it as I love rude harry fanfics, you're such a great writer too :)

it is a harry fic, lol hang in there :P thank you! 

Two Truths & a Lie - Chapter 3

It took us about a week to finally get out of reviewing last year’s information and into the new information for our classes. ¬†Niall¬†made the week much easier by constantly pulling pranks on¬†the teachers and getting himself kicked out of class. ¬†One morning, he covered the bottom of the door handle in fast-dry glue so that Mr.¬†Lewinski¬†got his fingers stuck for a good fifteen minutes. ¬†Another morning, he poured some liquor into Miss Jones’ coffee. ¬†She couldn’t prove it was him, but if anyone had the balls to spike their teacher’s coffee, it was¬†Niall¬†Horan. ¬†The office didn’t suspend or expel him because no one in the administration wanted him to fail and be at the school for any longer than he had to be. ¬†If they had the ability to pass him a couple of grades in one year, the teachers would pass him with flying colors, especially if it meant never seeing him again.

Raven was only in one of my classes, thankfully. ¬†Other than that, I didn’t see her in the hallways. ¬†I could only imagine she was in the back hallways making out with random guys. ¬†

When we finally reached about three weeks of class, Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†assigned a pairs project. ¬†We were studying something about force or momentum, something I wasn’t really good at. ¬†As soon as Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†mentioned “pairs project,” Louis and I reached across our desks to grab hands and laughed.

Miranda pouted like she was hurt. ¬†”You never pick me,” she whined.¬†

I raised my eyebrows at her twice as¬†Niall¬†slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. ¬†”Wanna be my partner?”¬†

Miranda blushed. ¬†”Yeah… I guess…”¬†

"Mr.¬†Horan, take a seat. ¬†I’ll be assigning your partners," Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†said. ¬†Everyone in the class groaned.¬†

It was my turn to pout at Louis as he retracted his hand and mimicked my pout by jutting his lip out. 

"I’ve written all of your names in this bowl and half of you are going to pick out a slip of paper. ¬†That will be your partner," Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†explained. ¬†

"Mr.¬†Rinewald,"¬†Niall¬†began. ¬†"You gave us a talk on being responsible and grown up enough to make our own decisions two weeks ago. ¬†Now you won’t give us the responsibility of choosing our own partners for a project?"

Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†was not amused. ¬†”Nice try, Mr.¬†Horan. ¬†Please sit.” ¬†He started to pass the bowl down the desks and watched as we picked slips of paper and read them aloud. ¬†When it got to¬†Niall, he picked out four slips of paper and read them all before picking one. ¬†

"Oh look, I got Miranda," he said as if he was surprised, grinning from ear to ear as Mr. Rinewald sighed heavily and shook the bowl to mix the names.

Miranda was beaming again and raised her eyebrows twice at me before picking up her books and moving over by Niall.  Louis blew me a kiss and crossed his fingers as I reached my hand in the bowl and pulled out a slip of paper.  I squeezed my eyes shut for a second before opening it and then read the name aloud.   

"H- Harry Styles?" 

Miranda giggled across the room.  I glared her direction.  Louis was already glaring at Harry. 

For the first time in weeks, I heard Harry speak. ¬†”Can she pick again?”¬†

Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†laughed. ¬†”Don’t want to be partners with Miss Hastings?”¬†

Harry snarled and shook his head. ¬†”I have a feeling I’ll end up doing all of the work.”¬†

A small gasp escaped my lips. ¬†How dare he say that? ¬†Was he insinuating that I was stupid or just lazy? ¬†Either way, I was offended. ¬†”I don’t want to be his partner either,” I piped up. ¬†”I’ll pick again-” I reached for the bowl but Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†pulled it away. ¬†

"In real life, you don’t get to pick and choose who you want to work with. ¬†Look at this as a learning opportunity," he said, walking to the next student. "If you two work well together, maybe I’ll give you bonus points."¬†

"What about Niall??" I asked.

"Yeah, what about Niall??" Harry repeated.  "He picked who he wanted." 

Niall¬†stood up out of his seat and stood defensively in front of Miranda. ¬†”Ey, fuck off, mate.”

Harry snorted. ¬†”She was the first one to say something. ¬†Tell her to fuck off,” he said, pointing to me. ¬†

Louis jumped up defensively in front of me. “Why don’t¬†you¬†fuck off?!” He shouted at Harry.¬†

"GOOD LORD," Mr.¬†Rinewald¬†interrupted, moving his body between all three of the boys and myself. ¬†"Why don’t we all just sit down and stop passing around the f-word like it’s contagious? ¬†Styles and Hastings will work together. ¬†That’s final."¬†

Harry spun around and stared at the front of the room with his jaw taut. ¬†I slumped in my chair and crossed my arms over my chest. ¬†Niall¬†collapsed into his seat and grinned at Miranda. ¬†Louis did the same that I did, crossing his arms and not taking his narrowed eyes off of the back of Harry’s head. ¬†I couldn’t understand Harry’s opposition to me at all. ¬†Everyone wanted to be my friend. ¬†Everyone. ¬†Well, everyone except Raven. ¬†What did I do to make Harry hate me so much already? ¬†I had been nothing but nice to him since the second he walked into the school.¬†

Louis ended up picking a girl named Clarice. ¬†She and I had talked before, as in “can you pass me that pencil” or “sorry for bumping you in the hallway” talk, but other than that I had no idea who she was. ¬†As the bell rang, Harry¬†leapt¬†up from his desk and rushed out of the class. ¬†I scoffed. ¬†”I didn’t get his number or anything.”

"You don’t need it," Louis said firmly.¬†

I rolled my eyes at him. ¬†”I do for this project. ¬†How else am I supposed to communicate with him?”¬†

Louis didn’t answer me. ¬†I knew he wasn’t mad at me specifically. ¬†Probably a little bit jealous of Harry and pissed that he inadvertently told me to fuck off. ¬†Trying to lighten his mood, I kissed Lou on the cheek and messed up his hair. ¬†”I’m going to go talk to Harry. ¬†I’ll see you at lunch?”¬†

"Are you sure you don’t want me to go find him with you?"¬†

I sighed. ¬†”I’m a big girl, I can do it myself.”¬†

Louis nodded and grabbed my hand to pull me back for a real kiss. ¬†He dug his fingers into my side and held me closely to him. ¬†”I love you, Em.”¬†

"I love you, Lou.  Lunch, okay?" 

Harry wasn’t in the hallway when I got out there. ¬†It’s possible he could have been, but I didn’t see him because of the tons of students making their way to their next class. ¬†Not knowing where else to head, I started down the hall, looking left and right into each of the classrooms as I passed. ¬†I went through four hallways and became more nervous as the halls began to clear. ¬†Finally, the bell for second period rang and I was officially late for English. ¬†I sighed and headed for my locker to grab my other books. ¬† ¬†I punched the metal three times when the new combination that I got from the office didn’t work. ¬†My locker had a mind of it’s own and opened when it wanted to. ¬†After the fifth time putting in my combination, it opened and I switched out my books. ¬†As I turned to walk to my next class, I spotted Harry marching down the empty hall toward me. ¬†”You didn’t give me your number,” he grumbled.

My backpack slipped off of my shoulder as I tried to maintain my composure and balance my books in my hands. ¬†”You ran out of the fucking classroom like a pack of wild dogs were on your tail. ¬†Do you realize I’ve been chasing you around the last few minutes trying to-“

"Just give me your number."  Harry stuck his hand out with a piece of paper on it and waited for me to take it.  I snapped my mouth shut and leaned against my books and the wall, scribbling my digits onto the paper.  He snatched it from my fingers and shoved it into the pocket of his baggy jeans, watching me as I nearly dropped the three books I had in my hands. 

"So are you going to text me or-?" I asked.

"I don’t know. ¬†I don’t want to work on the project outside of school. ¬†Let’s just work on it now," he demanded monotonously.¬†

I shook my head, hesitating a second to take in his forwardness. ¬†Two weeks and this was really only the second time I had heard him talk. ¬†”I’ve got English now, I can’t.”¬†

"You’re late…" Harry gasped sarcastically.¬†

I widened my eyes. ¬†”No shit, Sherlock. ¬†I was too busy hunting you down to get there on time. ¬†Don’t you have class now?”¬†

"Free period." He pushed past me, sticking his hands in his pockets as he walked the way I was headed.

"Um… bye?" I called after him. ¬†He glanced at me over his shoulder but continued to the library without another word.¬†

At lunch, Louis nearly attacked me, gripping my shoulders tightly and turning my face to examine it. ¬†I could even see his eyes glancing over my neck like he thought he might find a hickey. ¬†”Did you find Harry?”

"Yes," I confirmed, shrugging his firm grasp off my shoulders and covering my mouth as I chewed on my food. 


My eyebrows ruffled. ¬†”And… I gave him my number so we could talk about the project.”

"And ONLY the project," Louis said, stealing one of my chips. 

I swatted his hand. ¬†”Relax, Lou. ¬†He barely even wants to talk about physics.”¬†

"He seems so rude…" Miranda mumbled.¬†

"He IS," I confirmed, widening my eyes at her.  "Has anyone found out anything else about him or where he came from?"

Everyone at the table shook their heads.  

I heaved a sigh. ¬†”I don’t know what his deal is but he’s constantly got a stick up his ass… ¬†I’ve been nothing but nice to him and he can’t even say ‘goodbye’ to me when he’s walking away. ¬†You all heard him in class too. ¬†He treats me like I piss in his cereal every morning.”¬†

Niall¬†grimaced. ¬†”Sick…”¬†

"Keep pissing in his cereal," Louis told me.  

I frowned. ¬†”What the hell? ¬†Why?”¬†

"It’ll keep him away! ¬†I don’t want any weirdos making a move on my girl!" Louis said, his voice raising an¬†octave¬†with every word.¬†

As everyone laughed at Louis, I turned to see who had just tapped my shoulder. ¬†A Sophomore girl was standing with her hands folded in front of her. ¬†It took me a second to notice the tiny Freshman girl standing behind her. ¬†”What’s up ladies?” I smiled.¬†

The Freshman shrunk down and began to chew her lip as her Sophomore friend spoke. ¬†”Em, you helped me last year with… well… something…” She hadn’t forgotten what it was, she just obviously didn’t want to announce what I helped her with in front of the handsome Senior boys also sitting at the table listening to her speak for her friend. ¬† As I studied her face, I remembered her as a Freshman herself last year - Marissa, I think was her name. ¬†She just started her period for the first time and was sobbing in the bathroom alone when I found her and helped her out with a pad. ¬†My mother taught me what a period was in the third grade. ¬†I felt horrible for the girls whose mother’s waited until their periods came to explain what was happening. ¬†Marissa was crying to me that she was dying until I told her what the blood between her legs really was.¬†

I smiled a little bigger and nodded, silently telling her I remembered, my eyes flickering to the Freshman standing behind Marissa. ¬†”Same problem?” I asked.¬†

Marissa looked relived that she didn’t have to actually tell me what the problem was in front of the boys and nodded rapidly, her brown curls bouncing around like crazy as she did. ¬†Little did she know I sent Louis on tampon runs at the store all the time. ¬†Niall¬†was good about not acting like a period was an¬†embarrassment, too. ¬†It drove me wild that some boys acted like a period was something to be ashamed or¬†embarrassed¬†of. ¬†

I stood up from the table and grabbed my backpack. ¬†”I’m heading to the bathroom.”¬†

"I’ll come too," Miranda said, which I was expecting. ¬†We always went to the bathroom together. ¬†I mean, I guess all girl friends do. ¬†Niall¬†pouted a little as Miranda left his side and slapped her butt as she walked away. ¬†I linked arms with Miranda and the Freshman, strutting like we were in¬†The Wizard of Oz¬†as we walked down the hall. ¬†

"Just date¬†Niall¬†already," I muttered to Miranda, pulling her close. ¬†"Don’t you think Miranda and¬†Niall¬†would make a cute couple?" I asked the Freshman. ¬†She looked up at me with wide eyes as if I startled her by talking to her and then giggled before humming in agreement.

Miranda gasped and pushed herself away from us. ¬†”Let’s focus on puberty problems first and then we can discuss my love life.”¬†

¬†After school, I rode home with Louis. ¬†As we got closer to my house, I received a text from an unknown number, but quickly assumed it was Harry. ¬†We’re working on the project today.

I pursed my lips. ¬†No, I really didn’t want to work on the project today. ¬†It was Thursday, for goodness sake. ¬†But then again, I knew I wouldn’t want to work on it tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday or even next week, for that matter. ¬†I also didn’t appreciate him just TELLING me what we were going to do.¬† My house or yours?

Yours.¬†¬†The response was quick. ¬†I¬†texted¬†Harry my address and told him to aim for 4pm, about thirty minutes from now. ¬†At least then I could get my mom to make us snacks and I could change into some comfy clothes. ¬†My mom loved making snacks. ¬†She wasn’t very good at making a real lunch or dinner, but she could definitely make a ham and cheese sandwich and would make one any chance she got.

"Mom, we’re home," I called as we entered the front door. ¬†Louis took my bag for me and took it to my room while I walked into the kitchen. ¬†My mother was only wearing a black, silk robe - her typical attire - and already preparing sandwiches and chips. ¬†I leaned against the counter. ¬†

"How was school?"

I groaned. ¬†”I have a guy coming over at four to work on a project for physics.”¬†

My mom raised her eyebrows. “Is he cute?”

"No," I said harshly. ¬†"Please, for the love of God, don’t- just don’t even talk to him okay? ¬†He’s an absolute asshole. ¬†The faster I can get him out of here, the better."

"Okay! Okay, got it," my mom laughed, pouring some goldfish into a bowl. 

Louis was going to the bathroom when I walked into my room. ¬†I slipped off my jeans and sprawled out on my bed as I waited for him to finish, shrieking when he surprised me by jumping on top of me. ¬†He instantly attacked my stomach with his lips and pulled my shirt up further and further while I tried to push him away. ¬†”Stop it, you little¬†horndog.”¬†

Louis nibbled the skin just beneath my breast and then sat back to look at me. ¬†”I’m not a¬†horndog.” ¬†He ground his hips into mine and grinned mischievously¬†before leaning back down to kiss my neck. ¬†I tilted my head to give him more access and ran my fingers up his shirt to feel his bare back. ¬†He shivered at my touch and the feeling of my nails pressing harder and harder into his skin. ¬†He gripped my breasts in both hands and squeezed them harshly as he ground his hips against mine again.¬†

"Take your pants off," I panted impatiently.

Louis sat back and unbuttoned his pants, shimmying out of them and kicking the air a few times to get them off of his ankles before crawling back to me.  He pressed against me again, the sensation stronger now that the toughness of his jeans were out of the way.  He bit his lip as I reached for the hem of his boxers, but both of us froze when we were interrupted by a knock on the door.  I frowned at Louis, who simply frowned back at me.

"Are you using protection?" My mom asked loudly through the wood.  

I groaned and rolled my eyes so hard that I was almost scared they would get stuck. ¬†”MOM!”¬†

"Okay! Okay!! Just checking!!" My mom called. ¬†I could imagine her throwing her hands up defensively. "You might also just want to hurry with whatever you’re doing because there is a cute curly-headed boy at the front door!"¬†

Hiii!!! I just read the new chapter for TT&aL and I noticed that you spelt Em's name differently when she was introducing herself to harry. You spelt it Emilia then but I'm pretty sure every other time you have it Emalia. I don't know if that's like a big deal or something or if you already know but I just wanted to tell you! I love you and all your stories though!!!!! -k xoxo

thank you thank you thank you so much lol i feel horrible but thank you! i changed it :P what a horrible mistake for me to make :(( I love you!!! xxx

Okay is it horrible that I'm not totally in love with steal my girl??? ūüėįūüė≠ idk usually I'm hooked but for this I'm just not ūüėįūüė≠

It’s not bad! It’s a different sound for the boys. I think they’re finally tying in a lot of sounds from older music they grew up listening to. They were all shaped by and have a great appreciation for some older music so it makes sense that they’re writing more of the sounds into their music now! Give it some time, I’m sure it’ll grow on you, and if it doesn’t it’s not the end of the world!!

I’m just glad they haven’t turned into a super pop-techno-ey group like a lot of music these days. I’m so proud of them for really just creating their own sound and staying different!

I'm so behind! I didn't even realize you started your new fanfic! I'm sooo excited! Like I saw your posts, and I couldn't contain my excitement. I can't breathe. ūüėÖūüėÖūüíÉūüíɂ̧ԳŹūüéČūüéČ


HAHAHAHAHAH ROB OMG that's such a bad picture ūüėāūüėāūüėāūüėāūüėā

Seriously that’s how I see this guy all the time the whole book drunk and nasty

If that jackin off joke was made in my class i really would have laught to, i'm so immature ūüėāūüėā

Nah I would have laughed too ūüėā

Loved everything I am sooo exited

ūüėĄūüėĄūüėĄūüėĄūüėĄ thank you!!! I’m so glad!!!! ūüėė

TT&aL Visuals

Rob (but a little bit balding lol) (i hate this guy ugh) 

Mary Hastings (Em’s mom)¬†

Two Truths & a Lie - Chapter 2

People buzzed all around me at I sat in one of the worn, blue cloth chairs in the front office. ¬†Nervous Freshmen with their¬†excitable¬†mothers grasping their hands tightly glanced around the office for anyone they might know. ¬†Two Sophomore girls giggled together and pointed to their schedules - probably trying to see if they could change their schedules to be in the same classes as one-another. ¬†Heave knows that’s what Miranda and I did. ¬†A third girl who looked like she might be a Junior was sitting in the corner of the room sniffling. ¬†Partially being nosy, but also wanting to help, I walked to her and took the seat beside her. ¬†”You okay?”¬†

She brushed some of her brown hair behind her ear and sniffled before trying to smile. “I’m okay. ¬†Just waiting for the nurse. ¬†Thanks Emalia.”

I had no idea who she was, but she certainly knew me.  Something I loved, but also something I hated.  I wished I knew her name without asking.  

"Liz," the girl said as if she was reading my mind. ¬†"We’ve talked before but you probably don’t remember. ¬†Everyone wants to talk to you…"

I pursed my lips. ¬†”You sure you’re okay?” ¬†I asked again.

She shook her head and sniffled again, finally giving in. ¬†”This guy-” ¬†She whispered. ¬†”This summer we were so close and today he completely ignored me in front of his friends. ¬†I mean, I lost my virginity to him… and he just ignored me like I was nothing-“

Ouch. ¬†Boy problems on the first day of school. ¬†I put an arm around her shoulders and rubbed them slowly. ¬†”Look at me.” ¬†She blinked up slowly at me. ¬†”Repeat after me,” I told her. ¬†She nodded. ¬†”He’s an asshole.”¬†

She hesitated, furrowing her brow and studying my face slowly. “He’s-“

"He’s an asshole," I repeated.

"But I love-"

"He’s an asshole."¬†

"He’s an asshole," Liz finally said, wiping a tear from her cheek. ¬†

"You’re absolutely gorgeous and you deserve someone who will take you out and show you off to the world… and especially to his close friends." ¬†I smiled softly at her. ¬†I hadn’t been in a ton of relationships in my life and my mother certainly never showed me what a GOOD relationship looked like, but for some reason, I was a relationship expert. ¬†Actually, I considered myself an expert in a lot of things - and I say that in the most humble way I can. ¬†One of the most exciting things to me was watching someone take my advice and end up having a better life because of it. ¬†I’ll admit it: I usually looked for people with problems just so I could give them advice. ¬†That, or I searched for the truth behind rumors like a detective so that I could help save someone’s reputation. ¬†After years of being at this school of liars and drama-stirring individuals, I was basically an expert at picking out the lies. ¬†"You’re not¬†really¬†sick, are you? ¬†Tell me the truth.”¬†

Liz shook her head shamefully. ¬†”I was going to fake throwing up to go home just so I didn’t have to see his horrid face.”

I frowned and shook my head. ¬†”Nooo. ¬†Don’t let that douche see you run. ¬†Let him see you strutting down the hallway with a confidence that could kill. ¬†Show him that he can’t hurt you.” ¬†Grabbing a tissue from the table beside us, I handed it to Liz and smiled at her encouragingly as she stood up with her books. ¬†

"Come find me at lunch if you need to talk to someone, okay?" I said.  Liz grinned and nodded before walking across the room and into the hall.  I sat back and sighed, perfectly pleased with myself.  One good deed for the day?  Done. 

More and more people seemed to be running in and out of the office door, trying to fix their schedules or lockers or even faking illnesses. ¬†The phone was off the hook and the usual secretary looked like she had been through hell that morning. ¬†Just as I decided that waiting for a new lock wasn’t worth my time,¬†Niall¬†walked in.¬†

"Hastings, I didn’t¬†expect¬†to see you here," he said, plopping into the seat beside me and turning the bill of his Bulls hat around to the front of his head.¬†

"Horan, I expected to see you here sooner.  What finally got you caught?" 

Niall¬†rolled his eyes and pushed his skateboard back and forth on the floor with his foot. ¬†”There is a new teacher this year named Jack¬†Kanoff. ¬†Jack…¬†Kanoff… ¬†Jackin’ off…”¬†Niall’s grin spread as he thought of the name. ¬†I chuckled lightly to appease¬†Niall, but I really didn’t think it was¬†that¬†funny. ¬†It was something only¬†Niall¬†would find amusing. ¬†”I couldn’t stop laughing at his name so he sent me to the office. ¬†Seriously, these people get their panties in a wad real quick sometimes.”¬†

"You can’t tell me you don’t try to push their buttons."¬†

“‘Course I do,”¬†Niall¬†laughed. ¬†”Did you hear about the fight this morning? ¬†Jerry Marx was telling all the girls that Bruno Wall had an STD. ¬†No one wanted to touch him.”¬†

"Classic," I sighed. ¬†That was the most common rumor around here. ¬†What better way was there to ruin someone’s life than to tell people they had a contagious disease? ¬†Even if it wasn’t true, how could you prove it to everyone?¬†

"He’s gonna have a rough time bouncing back from that,"¬†Niall¬†said, itching his eye.¬†

I nodded slowly and glanced around the room again. ¬†Since first period finally started, the office had cleared out a good bit. ¬†Only a few girls and boys remained in the other blue seats around the room. ¬†”I think I’m gonna go to class,” I muttered, checking my silver watch on my wrist. ¬†”I don’t really use my locker anyway.”¬†

Across the room, the office door opened.  A tall figure slinked into the room carrying a massive stack of books and a gigantic backpack on his back.  His brown hair curled into his face and he kept his head down as everyone turned to look at him.  His pants looked uncomfortably baggy and his glasses continuously needed to be pushed back onto his nose.  Niall and I both watched as he approached the front desk.  Niall, Louis, Miranda, Zayn, and I had all lived here for a while.  New kids thrilled us.  They were something fresh to talk about.  There would be new rumors to clear up.

"Can I help you?" The secretary asked, hanging up her one-hundredth call of the morning. 

The guy mumbled something that none of us could hear. 

"I’m sorry?" The secretary asked. ¬†

"I’m just a little lost. ¬†I’m new here and I couldn’t find my way."¬†

I raised my eyebrows and looked at¬†Niall. ¬†Niall¬†raised his hand - something he did anywhere except the classroom. ¬†”I can show him around!”¬†

The secretary glanced our way and groaned. ¬†”Niall¬†Horan, are you in here already? ¬†Jesus Christ, you just can’t stay out of trouble, can you? ¬†You’re not taking him anywhere. ¬†You’re going to talk to Jeff now and this is going to be the last time we see you this year, do you hear me?”

Jeff.  The principal.  He and Niall were on a first-name basis.

"Look, I just need to know where room 134 is. ¬†I can find it on my own I’m sure if you just point me in the right direction," the new kid was saying monotonously.¬†

"134 is Physics, right?" I spoke up. ¬†The boy snapped his head my direction. ¬†His eyes were barely visible under all of his hair, but he nodded. ¬† I grinned and stood up. ¬†"That’s where I’m headed. ¬†I can take you."¬†

The secretary nodded appreciatively at me, but quickly returned her attention to Niall.  The new guy looked hesitant for me to escort him, but he really had no choice.  

"Hey,"¬†Niall¬†called to the new guy as the two of us walked out of the office. ¬†"I know Em is pretty but she’s got a boyfriend. ¬†If you even look at her wrong, he’ll take your head right off your shoulders."

The new guy didn’t say anything, but seemed to roll his eyes. ¬†”Thank you for that,¬†Niall,” I grumbled, shaking my head and walking toward the door. ¬†Niall¬†grinned proudly before being dragged into the principal’s office.¬†

"I’m Emalia Hastings. ¬†You can call me ‘Em’ like everyone else does," I said pleasantly as the two of us walked down the hall.¬†

"Harry," The boy said without looking at me, his disinterest in making friends all-too-apparent. 

"So where did you come here from?" I inquired.

"You can’t tell?" He asked, pointing to his mouth. ¬†I was sure he was referring to his English accent. ¬†

I shrugged. ¬†”I didn’t want to assume anything. ¬†Niall¬†has an accent but he’s lived here his whole life. ¬†Same with¬†Zayn¬†and¬†Liam¬†and Louis and there is even a girl named¬†Jelisa¬†who has an accent.”¬†

Harry didn’t say anything. ¬†His unwillingness to interact was starting to bother me. ¬†He wouldn’t even look me in the face.¬†”So why did you move here?” ¬†I asked. ¬†Was I talking too much?


Family? ¬†That could mean anything. ¬†He had family over here before and moved to be with them? ¬†Or he left his family in England? ¬†Or maybe his family split. ¬†Since I was used to having the inside scoop on everything, I was itching for more information, but I didn’t want to push Harry too far. ¬†As hard as it was, I forced myself to stop asking questions. ¬†”Welcome to North Carolina,” I said shortly.¬†

Harry finally glanced my way and nodded once appreciatively.  It was then that I realized, through all of the hair and bulky glasses frames, that he had some stunning green eyes.  He held the door open for me to the classroom, and I was forced not to stare too long at him as I passed him.  Mr. Rinewald, our physics teacher, excused our tardiness and welcomed Harry to the class.  I took a seat in the back of the room between Louis and Miranda and watched as Harry collapsed into one of the seats closer to the front where no one was sitting. 

"Who?" Louis mouthed. 

"Harry.  From England."

"England??" Louis asked.  

I shrugged. ¬†”Could have been a fake accent, I suppose. ¬†Sounded pretty authentic.”¬†

"Look at his pants," Miranda snorted softly. ¬†I had to admit, his pants looked pretty bad. ¬†Worn around the bottom and sagging badly. ¬†Why didn’t this guy take care of himself? ¬†With his hair, his clothes, his conversation abilities… or lack thereof… he was well on his way to making no friends at all.¬†

The rest of the day seemed pretty slow. ¬†First days always were. ¬†We had been through 11 years of school prior to this day but the teachers still felt it necessary to reiterate the rules in every single class… no gum, no cell phones, raise your hand, don’t be tardy, turn in work on time, try not to miss class… so on and so forth. ¬†Each teacher had their own rendition of the “You’re a Senior” speech, talking about how we had to take responsibility for ourselves and all this serious shit that no one was focused enough to listen to. ¬†Most of my classes I had with Louis and Miranda or¬†Zayn¬†and¬†Niall, thankfully. ¬†Despite the fact that I talked to every single person in this school, I didn’t feel comfortable anywhere without one of my close friends nearby. ¬†It seemed like everyone in our group was attached at the hip. ¬†As the five of us walked to lunch, I spotted Harry eating his lunch alone in the library. ¬†While I normally would have invited him to sit with us, he glanced my direction and looked away like he didn’t want to be disturbed, so I let him be.¬†

"How was school?  Give me the 4-1-1.  The juicy gossip!" My mom spoke excitedly as we entered the house after school.  She had already prepared and assortment of sandwiches and chips on the table in the living room and motioned for the group to plop down on the couch and tell her about our uneventful day. 

"I got sent to the office seven times. ¬†One time each class,"¬†Niall¬†said proudly, placing his skateboard by the door and turning his Bulls hat backwards as he scanned the food hungrily. ¬†My mom laughed at¬†Niall’s "Wilmington High School" shirt, the only shirt the school could find that they deemed more appropriate than his¬†brotank. ¬†It was blue and was probably two sizes too small, but¬†Niall¬†refused to take it off.¬†

The rumors that we each heard throughout the day began to spill from our mouths.

"Dana Mathers is preggo."

"So is Jessica Valentino."



"Jamie and Winston are dating."

"Jamie Wallace?" 

"Nah, Jamie Belmont." 

"No, I heard she was dating Kace, not Winston!!" 

"I heard that Wilson Cox got arrested this summer for possession of weed." 

"And drinking underage!" 

"I can attest to that," I cut into the conversation.  "It was in the paper a few weeks ago." 

"Did my single boys find any new ladies to pursue?" My mom asked as Zayn slid around her legs.  I saw Miranda look up from her phone conspicuously and over to Niall, waiting to hear what he had to say.  She always got jealous when he talked about other girls.  Thankfully, he simply shoved half a sandwich in his mouth and shook his head. 

"I saw a lot of pretty girls," Zayn said, falling onto the couch beside my mom and putting his arm around her shoulders.  "But none as radiant as you, Mary."

I groaned. “Zayn, please…”¬†

My mother giggled like a little girl and¬†Zayn¬†smirked. ¬†He and my mom made me think of Finch and Stifler’s mom from¬†American Pie, but my mom was much younger. ¬†I prayed to God they had never done anything sexual before and¬†Zayn’s little flirts here and there were only jokes.¬†

"Any new kids cool enough to join your posse?"

"That Harry kid…"¬†Niall¬†chuckled. ¬†

"Stop it-" I cut him off before he could say anything else, but I couldn’t stop him from glancing at¬†Zayn¬†and laughing. ¬†They had been making fun of him all day and they way he just sulked around like he hated everyone and everything.¬†

"Someone told me he had to leave England because his parents are wanted for murder,"¬†Zayn¬†spoke up. ¬†"They’ve all changed their names. ¬†Bet his name isn’t even Harry."¬†

Niall’s eyes widened. ¬†”That’s probably why he hides his face in all of that hair.”¬†

"Oh, come on," I interjected.  "You cannot seriously believe that." 

Miranda spoke up, clearly not interested in Harry’s parents’ past. ¬†”There was one girl I met in trigonometry. ¬†I think her name was Crystal. ¬†She seemed pretty cool and I was going to invite her to lunch but then Raven got¬†ahold¬†of her and I just didn’t want to mess with that.”

My mom snarled. “Raven…”¬†

"I know…" I rolled my eyes and leaned back against Louis. ¬†"That bitch…"¬†

"Em got in a fight with her this morning. ¬†She tore a chunk of Raven’s hair out and even managed to round-house kick her in the face," Louis lied.¬†

My mother widened her eyes. ¬†”What happened???”

I shook my head. “He’s kidding. ¬†It was just the normal, verbal back-and-forth.”¬†

My mom relaxed a little bit. ¬†”If you ever do get in a fist fight with her, make sure it’s worth it. ¬†I mean like actually beat her up, don’t just slap her one or two times.”¬†

Niall¬†snorted. ¬†”Aren’t you supposed to be discouraging us from fighting?”

My mom contorted her face. ¬†”Is there a mommy handbook somewhere that I didn’t know about? ¬†Don’t tell me how to parent,¬†Niall¬†Horan.”¬†

"There is a party tonight at Jeremy’s," Miranda interrupted as she scrolled through her phone.¬†

"Oh, I’m down,"¬†Zayn¬†piped up.¬†

"It’s Wednesday," Louis said, frowning. ¬†Most parties anyone threw around here were on Fridays.

"It’s a back-to-school kind of thing," Miranda said.¬†

I shrugged. “We don’t have to stay long.”¬†

"Just make sure you have a designated driver," my mom warned, standing from the couch and pulling at the waistband of her jeans. ¬†"I don’t want any stupid accidents tonight, hear me?" ¬†

"Aren’t you supposed to be¬†discouraging¬†us from drinking?”¬†Niall¬†asked my mom, poking fun at her this time.

My mother raised her eyebrows. “Niall¬†Horan, I’m warning you…”¬†

Louis sat on my bed as Miranda tried to fix my hair and we both did our makeup. ¬†She raided my closet and threw on one of my tops - a red, sequined tank that didn’t match her white lace shorts, but no one would notice once we got to drinking. ¬†While she tried to encourage me into a little black dress I bought a year ago and never wore, I felt most comfortable in what I wore to school. ¬†Louis didn’t change clothes either. ¬†Zayn¬†picked us up around 8 and drove us to Jeremy’s house, a mansion in the more wealthy side of town. ¬†When we got there, the street was already packed with cars and stumbling kids who had obviously done some¬†pre-partying.¬†

Louis intertwined our fingers as we entered the front door. ¬†Niall¬†was following behind me and holding Miranda’s hand, something I could tell made her extremely happy. ¬†People called my name and greeted me from all different directions, complimenting my shirt, hair, makeup, nails… really anything they could find to compliment. ¬†Being used to it, I did my usual smile-and-compliment-them-back. ¬†Zayn¬†hadn’t been gone two minutes before he reappeared near us with drinks for us all. ¬†”Senior year, baby!”¬†Niall¬†shouted. ¬†Everyone around us cheered and raised their cups. ¬†I laughed and rolled my eyes. ¬†

Niall¬†dragged Miranda into the middle of the dance crowd and danced crazy enough around her to make people move away from them. ¬†Louis dragged me near them and¬†Zayn¬†followed, grabbing a random girl to dance with as he did. ¬†We all seemed to move the same way to the beat, except for¬†Niall, who was still dancing like a madman to make Miranda laugh. ¬†Eventually,¬†Zayn¬†was focused completely on his drunk dance partner, attacking her neck like he was Dracula. ¬†From the way Louis was moving slowly behind me, I could tell he really just wasn’t much in the mood to dance, so I grabbed his hand after a few songs and pulled him to the dining room table where a keg of beer was. ¬†

Over in the corner of the room, I saw a group of older guys eyeing me as Louis fixed us two drinks. ¬†When they saw me look their way, they raised their cups and motioned me over. ¬†We called them “The¬†Clingies” because they were high-school graduates who clung to every morsel of teenage life that they had left. ¬†They clung to their parents for financial support, clung to this town, and clung to their own high-school memories which they were constantly trying to relive. ¬†Most of them worked and lived at home or just went to the community school in the town. ¬†The ring leader, Rob, was almost 26 years old. ¬†His group would show up to every high school football game or soccer match and every party just to be an “older, more mature” presence and show off how awesome adult life and legal drinking was. ¬†I don’t think any of them knew that we all just made fun of them.

"Rob Thomas is here," I said loudly into Louis’ ear over the music. "He just motioned me over to him and the rest of the¬†Clingies."¬†

Louis glanced Rob’s way and waved cordially, but his hand on my lower back let me know he was feeling anything but cordial. ¬†Rob was constantly hitting on me and Louis hated it. ¬†I hated it.¬†”Ignore him.”¬†

"EMALIA¬†HASTINGS! You know you can’t leave this party without saying hello to me!!!" Rob shouted across the room, over all the music and buzzing gossip. ¬†Everyone heard it and shifted their eyes from Rob to myself. ¬†

I lowered my gaze at Louis to let him know I was annoyed. ¬†”Ignore that?” I asked sarcastically, taking his hand and dragging him behind me. ¬†

"Emmmmm, you look sexy as ever," Rob said, stepping toward me as I entered his circle and yanking me into a painful hug. ¬†I didn’t let go of Louis’ hand.

"Funny, I wore this outfit to avoid being sexy tonight," I chuckled uneasily. 

"You’re always sexy. ¬†Always. ¬†I just can’t stand it," Rob laughed, keeping his arm around my neck. ¬†Louis tugged on my hand and pulled me gently until Rob realized what he was doing. ¬†Finally, he let go and allowed me to return to Louis’ side. ¬†"Tommo, didn’t see you there! ¬†How are you, buddy?"¬†

Louis remained stoic as he shook Rob’s hand. ¬†“‘I’ve been better, lad.”¬†

"Aww, come on now,¬†Tommo. You only call me ‘lad’ when you’re mad at me. ¬†What did I do now? Is it because I touched your girl?" Rob joked, wobbling on his feet and nearly spilling his drink. ¬†I could see in this light that his hair was thinning and more wrinkles were appearing on his face. ¬†It was so unfortunate that he was one of those people who just aged quickly. ¬†I would have felt bad for him if he wasn’t such an old, creepy asshole. ¬†"I’m a little upset to see you two are still together. ¬†I heard you broke up this summer and thought I would finally have a shot at¬†Emalia¬†here." ¬†He laughed. ¬†"Have a drink, buddy," he told Louis, handing him his own cup. ¬†

Louis stared down at the drink and shook his head. ¬†”I’ve got my own, thanks.”¬†

"Rob Thomas, is that you??" A voice squeaked behind me. ¬†Raven pushed past me forcefully, slamming into my shoulder and pulling¬†Liam¬†with her. ¬†Liam¬†was kind enough to squeeze past me and apologize quietly when his stomach brushed my arm. ¬†He was such a nice guy - aside from the cheating and all - but I couldn’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing if I was dating someone like Raven. ¬†I talked to¬†Liam¬†occasionally about breaking up with her, but he kept telling me he simply couldn’t do it. ¬†I didn’t understand why.¬†

"My girl number two," Rob said gleefully, pulling Raven into the same forceful hug that he had me in a moment ago. ¬†Raven’s confident stature seemed to falter as she realized the mild insult of being called Rob’s "Number Two" girl. ¬†I was his number one even though I didn’t want to be.¬†

"How have you been, handsome?" She asked, playing with the front of his shirt.  I glanced over at Liam right as he took a massive swig of his beer.  

"I’ve been okay, but¬†soooo¬†lonely. ¬†I sure wouldn’t mind having another sleepover here soon," Rob winked down at her. ¬†Rob and Raven were sleeping together all the time. ¬†And by sleeping, I mean fucking. ¬†He’s like, 8 years older than she is. ¬†And it’s Rob. ¬†Balding, wrinkling, beer-gut Rob. ¬†Gross much?

Recognizing that the attention was away from us, I tugged lightly on Louis’ hand. “Time to go?” I whispered.¬†

He nodded. 

"Maybe if we have a sleepover, Em can join us. ¬†I’d love to see her in her nightgown sometime, too," Rob smirked. ¬†

Louis dropped my hand and lunged at Rob, grabbing the front of his shirt and twisting it into his fists. ¬†The rest of the¬†Clingies¬†were too drunk to do much to help their leader. ¬†”Listen here, you nasty piece of shit,” Louis spat. ¬†Miranda was at my side instantly, holding my hand and pulling me back as¬†Niall¬†and¬†Zayn¬†pushed past me to get to Louis. ¬†

"Come on, mate. ¬†Calm down, he’s drunk,"¬†Zayn¬†said.¬†

"That’s no fucking excuse," Louis growled, struggling against¬†Zayn¬†and¬†Niall. ¬†Rob stood up and laughed.¬†

"Come on, Tommo," Niall urged him. 

As Louis struggled to calm himself down and walk away, someone tugged on the hand that Miranda wasn’t holding. ¬†A teary-eyed Sophomore looked up at me. ¬†”I spilled beer on my shirt. ¬†My mom is going to smell it and kill me. ¬†Please, Em, help me-“¬†

I frowned. ¬†Did she not see that I was in the middle of something serious? ¬†At the same time, I was glad for the distraction. ¬†”My friend here has another shirt in our car,” I explained. ¬†Miranda nodded. ¬†She was used to me offering her things to help other people if I could. ¬†All of my friends were at this point. ¬†The girl’s face instantly lit up and she wiped her tears away. ¬†”We’ll all walk you out there and you can change in the car!” I told her, shouting so that¬†Zayn¬†and¬†Niall¬†could hear me urging us all to go outside and breathe, especially Louis. ¬†Miranda took the younger girl’s hand and I held her other as we walked to the front door through the crowd. ¬†When I glanced over my shoulder at Louis, he was still fuming but thankfully following me. ¬†Zayn¬†unlocked the car door for us once we were outside and Miranda guarded the window as the sophomore changed clothes. ¬†I hugged Louis tightly and kissed his neck.

"You okay, baby?" 

"I’m fine," he mumbled. ¬†"I just hate that guy."¬†

I grinned. ¬†”Me too. ¬†But I love you.”¬†

Louis’ face softened as I wrapped my arms around his neck. ¬†”I love you,” he repeated, kissing my nose.

"Wanna bail?"¬†Zayn¬†asked, checking his phone. ¬†"I know we haven’t been here long but I’m just not in a party mood right now."¬†

"Me neither," Niall said, glancing at the lit screen of his iPhone as well.  A few feet away, I saw Miranda stand on her toes to see who he might be texting.  Niall did the same to her two minutes later. 

"Let’s get¬†outa¬†here," Louis finally agreed, leading me toward the car just as the Sophomore jumped out with Miranda’s shirt on. ¬†She was holding her own beer-stained shirt between two fingers.¬†

"I’ll take it," I said. ¬†"My mom is an expert at getting beer out of clothes. ¬†Come find me tomorrow and I’ll trade you your shirt for Miranda’s?"¬†

The girl smiled. ¬†”Thank you, Emalia. ¬†Oh,¬†and¬†Miranda.”¬†

As the five of us piled into the car and began to drive away, we passed four cop cars with their lights on headed toward Jeremy’s. ¬†Zayn¬†laughed. “Perfect timing.”¬†

Is Harry going to be a big part of the story? Or is he just going to be one of the friends? God i hope not! Loving your story so far!! ūüíėūüíėūüėä

You’ll have to wait and see!!! ‚ėļÔłŹ

I meaaaaannnn……………..

I meaaaaannnn……………..

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